Pediatric neurologist: How to atrophy the brain of a child who spends too much time on the computer

Diana Coropceanu, neurologist-pediatrician, Family Health Center “Galaxia”

Children who spend too much time at the computer become very stressed. Its uncontrolled use weakens creativity, inhibits neurons, weakens communication between brain hemispheres, prevents thinking, causes attention and concentration deficit, contributes to lowering school performance.

During childhood, the brain is in the process of training, is immature, sensitive, and vulnerable to many harmful factors. Excess time spent in front of the computer leads to changes in the prefrontal cortex area: on the one hand, this is the area responsible for thinking, organizing, planning, carrying out actions; on the other hand, is very little involved in the ability to understand nonverbal messages. Because of this, children become more aggressive, impulsive and emotionally unstable.

Repeated using the Internet causes an imbalance in the functioning of the left brain hemisphere. „Consuming” the Internet for a long time may leave marks on physical and mental health. It can trigger a variety of problems, but first of all the eyes are suffering. Eyes get tired, dry, red, fog or blurred vision.

Also, because the child spends a lot of time on the computer, it lacks movement, and this condition the formation of a more rigid muscles, which then trigger the paraesthesia in the limbs, like burning sensation, tingling or numbness, usually at the extremities. Muscle cramps, varices, but also spinal cord deformities occur. Lack of movement can also cause obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Also, various neurological and psychiatric disorders may occur: headache, sleep disturbances, depressive states, stress, and even the appearance of a feeling of isolation or photosensitive epilepsy, manifested by epilepsy seizures.

It is recommended that children up to 2 years of age should not be left in front of the TV, the computer or the tablets. After this age it is allowed to use no more than 2 hours a day with pauses.

To prevent the development of diseases such as back pain, spine deviations, distortions, language disorders, intellectual, social and emotional development, children should practice sports, walk outdoors, do various exercises, and to prevent neurological and psychological disorders, it would be good for them to communicate more, to be involved in the analysis of situations and to make decisions, to make friendships, to attend various educational-teaching centers, music circles, painting , theater, etc

Parental Advisory – You must be a model for children because they repeat many things they see to their parents. Be connected to real life, attend events, go to concerts, read newspapers, books, browse magazines.


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