Stop Virtual Autism

The purpose of this campaign is to make aware and train both state institutions and people about the impact of consuming virtual environment (tablet, smartphone, tv, computer, laptop, etc) on the children aged 0 to 3 years.

The project aims to: reduce the number of children with a diagnosis of delay in psychomotor development, delayed speech and language development, oppositional/ or/ and behaviour  disorder and more serious than that, ADHD or even autism, caused by excessive TV watch (more than 4-5 hours/day) or using other forms of virtual reality (smartphone, tablet, computer) by children  aged 0 to 3 years.

This project and the whole campaign have been initiated by the clinical psychologist Marius Teodor Zamfir, with the support of two  NGO’s: The Association for Children Mental Health and the Foundation  Children  in Need – CID Romania.

Psychologist Marius Teodor Zamfir was the first who observed, achieved and published the first studies about this phenomenon which he called Virtual Autism.

If  your children aged one year and six months DO NOT have the following aquirements:


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